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Vic Whyte (genre: R&B) consists of

  • Victory “Vic” Florence Whyte McPatrick (Vocals)
  • Background (Born into music royalty, Vic Whyte is the daughter and second-born of the original Queen of Rap Flo Whyte and New York nightclub billionaire mogul Lawrence McPatrick, along with having original King of Rap Eddie Mason as her godfather and it-girl of the era Jana Jourdie as godmother. Losing her mother at a young age, Vic struggled. Nonetheless she enjoyed the privileges of her upbringing and spent all summers holidaying on Lake Como and every Christmas with Eddie Mason and the clan. Growing up in such circles, Vic’s musical streak was brought out easily. With such an iconic family tree, Vic also became somewhat of a tabloid stalwart even in her early teens as the front-pages chartered and critiqued her youth. That said, as Vic gears up to make her mark on the music business it’s her world-class vocal and undeniable star-quality that shine through and that she’s using to fend off all misconceptions surrounding this fascinating lady’s life.)
  • Album One • She (With her first album, Vic had a point to prove. Amid swirling tabloid gossip, she shocked the world with he surprise release of her debut single, Move Me featuring Kisi Kitikiti, and the album, She, to follow a week later. The single was an instant credibility earner, its balmy, tropical flair and bumping bass with a grimy edge and silky vocals impressed radio and the clubs as it received significant play for a new artist and attained at Top 40 chart position in the US. Unlike Move Me, the album was not so club-focused. A mix of soulful melodies, heartwrenching balladry, breezy RnB and groundshaking belters- the album received rave reviews and the verdict returned was unanimous- Vic couldn’t just sing, she was a real, credible and almighty artist in her own right. Singles We’ve Only Got the Rest of Our Lives, Bedtime, Friends and Family and Either Way followed to varying levels of success but as she expanded her fanbase and explored more, Vic felt that she needed to expand her musical comfort zone and so shifted focus from the themes and sounds of She for future recordings, effectively shunning the era, despite its relative success.)
  • Experimental Project • The Garden Sessions - EP (OUT NOW)

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Ability 70
Song Writing 91

UK 10
USA 10
Canada 10
Aus & NZ 10
South America 10
Asia 10
Europe 10

Album Release History

Album Title Age Rating Week Total
Gemini Rising 104 100 0 5,326,431
The Garden Sessions - EP 140 100 0 4,419,479
She 156 100 0 3,519,265

Single Release History

Single Title Age Rating Week Total
No Artwork Every Inch of You 91 100 0 2,146,117
No Artwork Bad Bady (with Asena) 97 100 0 2,138,181
No Artwork Off Your Love 101 100 0 2,081,365
No Artwork Dissipate (ft. Kisi Kitikiti & Leon) 105 100 0 1,998,721
No Artwork I Gotta Be Free (taken from ‘Lady Lies’ - The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack) 109 99 0 1,892,537
No Artwork Only Love [taken from ‘Lady Lies’ - The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack] 113 100 0 1,815,866
No Artwork Didn’t Mean It [taken from ‘Lady Lies’ - The Official Motion Picture Soundtrack] 117 100 0 1,783,188
Quintessential (with Vibez) 121 100 0 1,774,973
Too Drunk to Drive 125 100 0 1,819,207
FWU 129 100 0 1,810,182
Need Nobody 133 100 0 1,766,204
I’ll Be Yours 137 100 0 1,707,374
Either Way 141 99 0 1,626,150
Friends and Family (ft. Eddie Mason) 145 100 0 1,544,076
Bedtime 149 100 0 1,396,443
We’ve Only Got The Rest of Our Lives 153 99 0 1,226,531
Move Me (ft. Kisi Kitikiti) 157 100 0 1,083,565
No Artwork All You Know 1216 100 0 938,107

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