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Offline freestylechamp  
#8221 Posted : 05 December 2018 05:53:27(UTC)
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I'm going to just vent right now to get this stuff off my mind. I work at a used car dealership but I'm not a salesman, I'm working in the finance department so I spend a lot of time with the computer looking at credit reports and talking to banks. I'm the guy that takes the paperwork that sales get from apps and tell them how much the banks are doing and what they are doing. This is a mom and pop shop though. We not a chain, or a franchise. Their two salesmen, a general manager, and myself the finance manager.

So here comes the vent, I am tired of sad stories. You know how many times I look at poor credit and people then come to me with these sad songs about how they "Just need help," "People messed me up," "It's someone else's fault." I mean I get it, you went to a car lot and bought a crapie car. However instead of learning from this mistake "Oh man they took that car but I couldn't afford it." At that point, it can go one of a few ways but let me tell you the option a see a lot of people go with. "I need transportation though, let me see if I can get another car right now."

I happen to believe that having a car on credit, cause were I'm at no one has the money to just pay straight cash plus don't know how to look to put gas in a car much less know about maintenance, You going to be giving a loan from a bank with the intent of them getting their money back at the very least. You just got your car taken away from you, You have no money to put down for a down payment. What is going through these people minds when come into another dealership.

Customer a: "Down payment? I don't have any money."

Customer b: "Do you have anything reliable under $1,000"

Customer c: "Can I trade in this car for a down payment?"

Wait a minute Jonathan what is wrong with customer c. Oh well customer c has a car that is too much and they want something cheaper. Not to bad until you see that it is a 2000 Oldsmobile that is worth 100 bucks, They still owe $2000. So they want YOU to pay that, so they can get into a 2015 car...What you say that the 2000 is too expensive why get a newer car wouldn't that cost more? Well reader your not wrong but to answer that question I say cause people are dumb.


Alright you got some free time on your hands what do you do?

Prepare for the next day?

Fuck No, waste time, don't do shit.

Offline erich hess  
#8222 Posted : 05 December 2018 09:22:40(UTC)
erich hess
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the problem is you,you son of a bitch. "i knew you were going to make me pay money."
the quote comes from this lovely little film. i knew lots of shit was sold door to door in the olden days...but cars?! weird.

my take on your customers.

customer a: while,yeah. it can be possible. chances are your credit isnt at that level. quit trying to be slick. you know it aint happening.

customer b: go search the cars being sold on the side of the road. no dealership is going to have something that cheap. it wouldnt be worth their time to sell it.

customer c: there is a reason you dont want it. probably the same reason we dont want it.

hey! i owned one of those 2000 olds. well,the chevrolet version. the malibu. what a piece of shit those things are. at least the v6's. we had one .my mother in law had one,my brother had one. only ours was bought used. all of them had the intake valley gasket issue. eventually my brother's 2000 bu became mine. not only did it end up with the intake issue. (repaired 3 times during its life. actually freshly repaired when we junked it. but the funny part is,the last intake gasket failure was missed due to old water lines leaking.so i kept putting water in it...until the engine was nearly full of water. still ran! eventually was junked due to some weird ass alternator/engine cpu issue. the voltage regulator was integrated into the cpu and it would turn off the alternator. not good.
we had a 2005 impala that also had the intake gasket issue.fuck gm. i cant wait till the day they are bought by the chinese.

i only dealt with a dealership once . they did give me 500 for my 98 malibu. but only because it was the least they would give. this was a chain,however. but i did get my lovely,lovely 2002 saab 9-5. they screwed me over on a tire plan i couldnt use. (it clearly said it didnt cover many luxury makes,including saab on the reverse of the paper.) i'm also never buying off a lot again. i'll happily drive something i paid cash for. that saab was supposedly 11 grand....it ended up costing 21k! totally worth it though. that was what a car should be.
except for the replacement parts. i think i should have my own wing over at eeuroparts.com.

i currently sport an 06 cobalt coupe. supposedly these are pieces of shit,but i love mine. other than tires and oil,all i've replaced on it has been the throttle position sensor and the throttle body. it'd randomly die while in motion and this fixed it right up.
oh and the paint is dropping off car as we speak. i dig the rat rod look,so the joke is on gm.

Jimmy firecracker sez: Jimmy firecrackcorn and he don't give a fuck..
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