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Radio smiles to the camera during her Apple Music exclusive interview available October 26.

Despite her hiatus and eccentric behavior, Radio proves she’s continue to prove she can deliver vocally and musically as the music is changing. The efforts from her release has redeemed Radio as one of musics hottest act, this energetic in song and vocally forward in voice has the fans hungry for me, hungry to see what Radio has been working on for eight years. This single, Sweet Tea was released Midnight on October 21, where Apple Music exclusively premiered it after the second episode of her HBO documentary series, ‘ Crazy Lady’ that attracted 2.3 million viewers.

The song has steamed over 75,000 in just 24 hours, the second best selling highlight of her career. The first was her single back in 2012, ‘Empty’ with 100k sales, that created a huge foundation for the music bought forward with this music junkie.

Back in 2007, ‘ Color Me’ her debut single sold 45k in its first week. Numbers don’t justify how talented and special the kind of music Radio delivers to her fans. The sometimes dark and tragedy love stories Radio has told with her music was the foundation, but Radio has shown she can take one love of something and make it sweet, referring to the love of tea, Radio delivers yet another unique concept that will be remembered for years to come.

New episode of ‘Crazy Lady’ back on Wednesday on HBO! Sweet Tea is available everywhere October 26

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Sonny Bardot, born Søren Kjelland, has lived quite a life and has his fingers in a plethora of pies. The blue-haired 26-year-old has amassed a not-too-shabby following of 8.5k on Twitter and, while far from a household name, has persistently garnered interest in many fields over the last few years. If at first you don't succeed, dust yourself off and try again. And try, Sonny has. Norwegian-born Sonny moved to London with his parents at the age of 8, not being able to speak a word of English. The chaotic move set the tone for the rest of his life. Bardot would then go on to model as a child for clothing and homeware stores such as Matalan, land a few small-time acting gigs in his teens, get expelled from his performing arts academy and become an adult entertainer and webcam model, which he still does to this day. All of this is before adding his battles with chronic asthma, severe dyslexia, ADHD diagnosis, being near-blind in his left eye and a struggle with a heroin addiction. He's resilient and, speaking to the man, his life has certainly built character instead of dampening his spirits.

Claiming to be a "highly creative soul" who just wants to "make things" and "entertain people", Sonny has finally turned his attention to music. After years of sitting on the fence and being unable to find a way into the field, Bardot met his now best friend and roommate, Marcus Slate, an upcoming independent DJ and producer AKA EaziiBoi and the trajectory of his life changed once again. The pair met at a party in January 2019 and have been physically piecing together a music partnership ever since - pooling their incomes together to purchase everything they need. In fact, had it not been for a very zealous email from EaziiBoi, I wouldn't have known of Sonny let alone have the pleasure of interviewing him. I got the Smurf-haired oddball on the phone to chat about his bizarre life, debut single "Sonny Falls Into the Void" (yes, it's really called that) and his forthcoming independent EP, "New Game".

Hello! Am I talking to Sonny Bardot, possible great-grandchild of Brigitte?
Ha! I wish. She was fucking hot. Wait, that sounds a little incestuous. Awkward. Let's start again! Hello. Yes, this is is Sonny. No, there is no relation but she IS the reason for my surname. Always thought it sounded great and my mother loved her 60's and 70's styling.

So I can assume that this fantastic, ready-made pop star sounding name wasn't assigned to you at birth?
Sadly not. I was born Søren Kjelland but was always called Sonny by friends and family. When I moved to the UK, it was easier to just go by Sonny as the British tongue is rather lazy and I knew people would just butcher my real name anyway. Legally changed it to "Sonny Bardot". Needed something a little more sparky and punchy because I was pursuing a career in the entertainment business and again, nobody would attempt to pronounce Kjelland. Also had a very strained relationship with my father and we've fallen out of contact completely in the last five years so I'm glad I ditched his surname. Fuck him.

Before getting you on the phone, I've been searching through your social media profiles. You appear to be a very open book, talking candidly about your life. From sex work to health conditions to personal relationships. Do you mind if we delve a little further into some topics before we touch on the music? I, and I know our readers, would love to get to know "Sonny" a little better.
Absolutely! I don't have anything to hide or shy away from. I tend to overshare quite a lot of the time so you may regret opening that can of worms. Just stop me if I'm getting a little too deep or making you want to blow your brains out.

Noted. OK, I won't beat around the bush, pardon the pun. I know a lot of people will be drawn to this article once they read that you are an adult entertainer. Do you want to elaborate on that and just clear up what it is you do in that field? No need for gory specifics, pal.
Haha! People can easily Google the gory specifics anyway. I encourage it. Basically, I love sex and have a real positive attitude surrounding it. I love people of all shapes, sizes, shades, genders, you name it. I've attended sex parties, befriended a lot of sex workers, dabbled in a LOT of stuff. Don't think there's anything better than someone loving their body and exploring it in all kinds of ways. It's why I strip off and pleasure myself on a webcam sex site. Yeah, it's a source of income but I also get to share my body and bond with people over sex. It's more than just whacking off for me. There are so many regulars that I chat too. We honestly just talk, laugh, interact and give ourselves a treat at the same time. Because of my cam shows, I've also been asked to do some porn scenes. A mixture of both gay and straight. Would say I've only filmed four or five though. It's fun to do every now and then.

I love your honesty and passion for it. I fully respect and embrace that. However, we know there will be people who won't be so accepting. Do you fear your pornographic past will hinder your future musical endeavours?
Well it's not my past. I still do it and will continue to do so until I see fit. I love it! But yeah, I've already had shit thrown my way whenever I tweet about music or talk about it in my streams. People are always going to judge though. Doesn't matter to me. All I've ever wanted to do is entertain people and unleash my inner performer. I'm not looking to be the next big superstar. I know I'm doing this on a small budget with a so-called "unorthodox" background and in a world of judgment, instant opinions and insults sent directly to my device. I'm not looking for validation or superstardom. I'm just making music for me and the fucking sexy people who enjoy it. That's not to say I never will make it big. There's always an exception to the rule. That could be me. Either way, I'm still happy and proud of my material regardless of what it may or may not do. I even have a song on my EP called "Cyber Sweat" which is all about webcam sex. I'm marrying my loves together.

Of course, music and adult entertainment aren't the only fields you've played around in. Am I correct in saying you initially started out as a model?
Yeah! That was a fucking hellish experience, let me tell you! I never really wanted to go into modelling. I just sort of fell into. My aunt, who also lived in England, had a friend who was a co-owner of some agency. My mum knew that I wanted to be a performer from a very young age and she viewed this as a foot in the door so I was shoved into it. Found it so boring and filled with ghastly people. All that drama for a badly airbrushed photo of 11-year-old me in a raincoat for Primark...or Matalan...whatever. I did a bunch. I just didn't have the attention span. The undiagnosed ADHD didn't help either. Was all very boring.

So naturally you jump right into acting from there?
You make it sound so fucking easy, haha! That was my next step. Always enjoyed drama at school and really wanted to pursue it further. Fucking adored getting into a character, losing myself, making people laugh, cry and just engage, really. I love the spark of performing. Hate the business side of it though. A lot of being insulted at a young age, losing out to someone with more money and status, being put down and stabbed in the back by fellow budding actors. Totally didn't leave me with a complex.

Before you gave up that frightfully hellish experience, did you land any good roles? Anything we'd know you from?
Is that sarcasm I detect, sir?! Ha! The only role with a name I got was in an episode on the last series of "The Bill". It was a British police drama for those that don't know. I was about 15 at the time. I was a troubled youth named Tommy. Was in two scenes and had about six or seven lines of dialogue in total. That was pretty much my peak. I did a whole other bunch of stuff in my early teens but it was mainly unnamed or non-speaking parts. Even a lot of extra work. I was a screaming school pupil in an episode of "The Sarah Jane Adventures". Was only on the screen for like 2 seconds but it's nice to know I'm canon in the "Doctor Who" universe.


You dub yourself as a "failed actor" in you Twitter bio. Is that just a joke or have you totally stopped pursuing that avenue? What was the final nail in the coffin for you?
I'm done with that. Would LOVE to go back in time and do school productions again but legitimate acting? No. I'm too burnt by it. In my late teens, when I was struggling to find roles, I was only finally diagnosed with my ADHD and by that time I had already burnt a lot of bridges. I was hormonal, growing frustrated, fell in with a bad crowd and was mad at the world for all the cards I had been dealt in terms of my health. I was self destructing. I was kicked out of the drama academy I fought so hard to get into because of my behaviour and poor attendance. I'd lose my temper with casting directors. I would self medicate. I was 18 years old and shooting up heroin behind an old library building and couldn't function without it or some booze in my system. I fell off the rails real bad. I'm no longer addicted and would like to say that I've been pretty much free of it all since 2017 but there have been some isolated incidents in between.

You touched on having several health issues and how they got you down. From what I've read on your socials, you seem to embrace them all now. What was the turning point for you?
Getting sober. My mum, aunt and uncle intervened and got me the help I needed. Even after years of treating them like shit and being a horrid person to be around, they still kept persisting. When I was finally weaned off of all that junk, I had a moment of clarity. I could either feel sorry for myself because of everything that was "against" me and what I missed out on, running the risk of falling into that dark mindset again...or I could buck up, own that shit and do something. I have ADHD, severe dyslexia, the most chronic asthma and I'm near-blind in my left eye after a fight I got into when I was 13. It adds character. I also realised and embraced the fact that, due to the way my mind words, I was more attuned to the creative and physical side of things in school. I was never academic. I was written off as a bad student. Looking back, it was never the case. I was just extra fucking special!

And with a sparkling new outlook on life, you're heading down yet another new path with music. What made you want to pursue a career in music after all this time and a successful job as a webcam model?
I've always wanted to do music too. I love it. The art, the process, the layers, the stories, the creative playing field. I've always made up short stories and poems, which at their core were essentially songs minus a crafted melody. I'm also a huge concert goer. Well, I was before this asshole virus stopped our fun. Music has always been a love of mine but I didn't know how to pursue it. My school wouldn't let me study music and drama at the same time, so I had to drop it. I severed ties on a very bitter note with contacts I made at the academy. I was an addict and then a recovering one pretty much during the entire time shows like StarFactory and The X Factor were running. I just couldn't get my foot in the door until now.

Until God sent you the greatest gift in the form of EaziiBoi!
Indeed! We met at a party in London at the beginning of last year and hit it off right away. We now share a flat together and he's my best friend. He was DJing and making his own beats all on a shoestring budget. Music is a real passion of his and I could see that. He was working all kinds of jobs and hours just to fund what he loved doing. We eventually clubbed together and have formed this wonderful little dynamic duo. We're great friends, have a passion for creating and he's also the child of immigrant parents with them coming from Jamaica. We haven't had point for point similar lives but enough common ground and alike experience to really relate.

And after years of trying to find your footing, you've only finally gone and made an EP! Go on and tell us a bit about that.
Yeah, it's so odd to say this but I have an EP coming out soon. It's titled "New Game". It's rooted in synth-pop, kinda electronica, slightly alternative leaning. Basically, being a webcam model and a twenty-six year old in 2020, my whole life is online. I'm fascinated by that concept. How technology has integrated into our lives and how dependant we are on it. I'm not a big conspiracy theorist. It's just something that really intrigues me. We really are all plugged in. Imagine all devices just went down? It'd be anarchy. Most of the songs on there have a recurring theme of technology, social media, cyber sex, machinery, online personas, what it means to be a real flesh and blood human navigating quite a cold digital world.

You also have your very first single dropping today. How do you feel about that?
Won't lie, I've been having the real bad farts all day. Jeez! Stomach is doing cartwheels, man! I know it's not going to drop and suddenly muster up 1 Billion streams and have the likes of Isabel or Vanity knock at my door. It IS going to be a big moment for me though. Even if it gets 10 streams in 24 hours, the fact that I will officially have a song out there in the world is enough. Never thought it'd be possible and now I'm actually gearing up for the link to go live!

The single is wonderfully titled "Sonny Falls Into the Void". I already loved it upon hearing the title. The exclusive listen was the icing on the cake. Can you tell our readers more about the song?
Haha thanks! Yeah, this was the first song that I ever fully completed. It was originally titled "Headfirst" but I changed it to that very odd, long winded title to make it sound like some sort of old computer game or meme reference to tie it into the EP's theme. Being the oldest song, it was created before my final concept but I couldn't part with such a special record so it kept its place on "New Game". Basically, the song is about falling head over heels in love with someone who says they don't want to be in a committed relationship. You continue having all the fun and developing feelings while pretending you're OK with not being exclusive. Been through it. That shit hurt. Cool song though.

You certainly do seem to have an honest and frank way about you and your work. Have many artists influenced that?
I take inspiration from a bunch of amazing artists. I love people who go against the grain and do their own thing, pushing boundaries and experimenting with sounds. I love Chicago Nobody's whole quirky, DIY approach. Vanity is just...well, Vanity! Atomic War Bride are deliciously bizarre. Stephanie Fierce had some really left field records in her discography. Nova was great too. I love things that are rooted in pop but with a special twist. Also, from a writer's standpoint, I admire really brutally honest lyricists like Joshua Grimmie, Brandon Caulfield, Ryan Ross Hernandez and I think Den is going to come out with a really telling record too.

What can we expect from Sonny going into 2021?
Not a fucking clue, my friend! We shall see what happens. I have my single coming out today and the EP really soon. Living in the moment. Whatever happens, happens. The dream would be to pursue it further with a bigger budget, full on album and live shows but that's a dream, like I said. Who knows? The world has been throwing us all major curveballs lately.

Well I look forward to whatever may be in store for you! And with that, I shall bid you farewell, Mr Bardot. Best of luck with the music!
Thank you for listening to all my shit.


Sonny's debut single "Sonny Falls Into the Void" premieres later today.



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Ryan Seacrest:

Spoons! Thank you for joining us here at Sirius XM! You're dropping by real quick to address what's been happening and we are also here to play your new single "Easy Access". But first, let's talk! We're so grateful to see you back in action with some new music but the past few months haven't been in your best interest....

Silver Spoons:

That's putting it nicely (laughs)

Ryan Seacrest:

Can you explain to us what happened man?

Silver Spoons:

Well, I got into a really terrible car accident and I was pronounced dead at the scene. I was revived but went straight into a coma status for three weeks. Once I got out of my coma state which is obviously a freaking miracle within itself; I went in for a 2-month recovery at the hospital. I was finally released from the hospital 2 days ago and I'm just thankful to be alive. That's putting things in a nutshell.

Ryan Seacrest:

I was torn to pieces when you were announced dead so I can't even imagine what it's been like for you....

Silver Spoons:

This has not been an easy journey at all. There were times where I just wanted to give up. I went through a string of emotions; including ones that would cost me my life.
However, I recently posted a picture with a shirt that reads "Raised by Wolves" and I say this to say I'm a strong ass person. I'm going to keep it pushing you know... despite everything! But I can't pretend like everything is bunnies and rainbows. All of this has affected my life in tremendous ways. My love life and my relationship with my label are definitely a lot different now.

Ryan Seacrest:

Yes! I know it's unfortunate because you were dropping new music and a new album but once this happened your life turned upside down, but how are you managing now...that you are back to normal and in good health?

Silver Spoons:

I have to be honest with you I'm still recovering. The recovery isn't really over just yet. So I'm not in the most perfect health just yet but my love for music is really what keeps me going. As corny as that sounds I feel like it is a great distraction from all the pain and suffering. Right now that's all I'm going to be focused on is my music. My fans are the people that keep me going in that department.

Ryan Seacrest:

Thank you for sharing that and I'm honestly glad to hear music is an outlet for you. Now you're no newcomer you've been in the game for quite some time, so this must be a very important thing for you to continue the music thing. Now you mentioned that music will be your only focus; not trying to get too personal but with your love life being exposed on Celebrity Big Brother......

Silver Spoons:

Don't mean to cut you off there man but I really don't want to discuss that aspect of my life too much in detail right now. As I said, my focus is my music and that's what I'm here to discuss. I don't mean that in any ill manner.

Ryan Seacrest:

Understandable; As far as music goes, you just release a new single called "Easy Access'. The song seems to be a heartbreak anthem. So..

Silver Spoons:

The song is the most personal to me on the album. I didn't want to run away from that song because I had to make a statement through my music and also reflect on how I felt about a certain person. This song is not what I feel today but I had to release it so my fans can understand what I was feeling at that time when I wrote it. My new song which is also coming out soon will be 180 from this but I can't move on to the next chapter without addressing this one first. I have to move on though. After everything that happened to me. I think I'm happy with the decision that I made to end that relationship.

Ryan Seacrest:

Once again didn't mean to get too personal there but thank you for sharing that with us! We are excited to hear the new single so why don't we get the ball rolling! Let's go ahead and play that new single "Easy Access" by Silver Spoons! Enjoy!

Silver Spoons:

Thank you for having me! Here's Easy Access!.

*Easy Access by Silver Spoons plays*

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Pop group releases their new single 'I Will Listen' and comes back for some 'interesting', 'personal' questions to each member.
Let's get to know these five Jolly people

[From left to right; Natasha Stanovski (22), David Hernandez Power (24), Zafari Mari (26), Rose Hemsworth (19), Fabriano Galore (24)]

1. What’s your biggest fear?
Natasha: Failing at life or a real life tragedy, like death, I guess?
David: I'm not telling YOU! It's a secret. David Power has now fears. Ok, maybe I fear failure, is that OK?!
Zafari: This interview and people who don't laugh.
Rose: Oh my God! So many! From spiders to bats, snakes, little scary animals and dark places. Uhm, maybe cemeteries too...
Fabriano: Losing money or a business. Easy.

2. Have you ever gone to work while drunk?
Natasha: Uhm... next question?
David: OH NO, POWER DAVID DOESN'T DRINK! I'm drunk already.
Zafari: Of course, why not bro.
Rose: Aww, gosh, no! I don't really drink.
Fabriano: That's unprofessional, I could never. I don't drink much either, it's bad for diet.

3. Have you ever punched a wall?
Natasha: Maybe...
David: Of course not! If I punched a wall I would smash it. Too much power, you know.
Zafari: Everyday when I can't poop.
Rose: Oh no! That would hurt! It's also a bit violent!
Fabriano: Why should I hurt my hands? It would require a manicure.

4. Do you believe in the death penalty?
Natasha: I mean, that's such a serious matter. I think people should be tortured and punished but no, you can't kill someone and choose their death.
David: Absolutely NO! Everyone is special in some way, we all make mistakes at the end of the day... Ok, some make BIG mistakes but they can be helped.
Zafari: No way bro. That stuff is crap. Let everyone realise them mistakes.
Rose: Aw no, I really do believe everyone can be educated at some point and in some way. We don't have a right on somebody's life, it is a precious thing.
Fabriano: Are we still talking about such stuff in 2020?

5. Have you ever spent the night in jail?
Natasha: God, no. I hope never will.
David: NO, never I'm clean as you can see.
Zafari: Almost for bein' a stupid douche with my friends one night, but we've all been young right bro?
Rose: No no, never!
Fabriano: That would hurt my career.

6. Have you ever driven while you were drunk?
Natasha: Oh why are we talkin' about this drunk theme again?
David: I said I don't drink. So no. Have you??
Zafari: Well... Let's just say I were tipsy.
Rose: Oh, no no.
Fabriano: That is dangerous. Never.

7. How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset?
Natasha: GYM and exercising. Thank you. Some screaming and yelling too.
David: By eating. I know that sounds wrong but if you were my boyfriend or a friend and wanted to make it up to me, just gift me chocolate and we'll be ok again! Then I also like to create, write stuff and all of that. Tell me an inspiring quote as well.
Zafari: With a good joke. Yeah.
Rose: Awww well, I would loove some movie time, some baking, a bit of talk, it help me sing or go to theathre too.
Fabriano: Sounding shallow, but... money makes me happy. So working and improving it all.

8. Have you ever bullied someone?
Natasha: That's shite.
David: I bully who bullies me. That's Self Power.
Zafari: Yes, I'm gonna bully you if you do me a bad question bro.
Rose: No! Never! That is bad.
Fabriano: I'm too busy for that.

9. What did you dream about last night?
Natasha: That's weird, I dreamt about going into my gym and my mum had started training with me. Like that could never happen.
David: That I was Superman. Only difference, there was no Lois Lane, it was Luis Lane.
Zafari: It was wet, we can't talk about it bro. Yeah.
Rose: Oh, I don't remember! I'm sorry!
Fabriano: I never dream, so.

10. What was the biggest lie you’ve ever told?
Natasha: Uhmmm, I don't really lie?
David: That I was attracted to Angelina Jolie, but I just wanted to make mom happy when I was 11!
Zafari: That I wanted to become priest so I could break up. Sorry Stacey.
Rose: Aw, I don't know... Uhm... I guess when I was in school but I don't really remember!
Fabriano: Once for promoting a clothing line as a model. It sucked but I had to lie to cash in.

11. Have you ever contemplated suicide — even for a second?
Natasha: I'm not feeling like answering that... Next question.
David: That's really hard, uhm... When I was young I wasn't a full-on Power David. Let's just say I was only a David with no real freedom. But then I found my strength. I came out, made my experiences and gained my word. Today I LOVE life.
Zafari: No man, that stuff sucks.
Rose: Aww... it's really hard for me to talk about it. I'm so sorry. It reminds me of really bad things.
Fabriano: No way. I got a good life.

12. Do you believe in a heaven or a hell?
Natasha: I truly believe there is something but we will find out only after death.
David: Yeah, but I also believe in the soul having to come back and reincarnate for some reason. It's a very long thing to explain in just one short answer like this. So...
Zafari: Of course man. Somethin's out there. I believe that.
Rose: Absolutely! And I especially have an angel always guiding and watching from above.
Fabriano: Yeah, but I don't really think about this abstract stuff.

13. Did you drink before you reached the legal age?
Natasha: Drinking questions... AGAIN? NEXT!
David: I never drink. I said it.
Zafari: I could have bro. But the other four gonna kill me if I answer this with all kids followin' us, ok? So I'll say who knows.
Rose: Absolutely not! That is wrong.
Fabriano: No, I'm precise, I could never.

14. Do you suffer from depression?
Natasha: Of course not. I'm great, thanks.
David: I admit that I did, but I'm a powerful bombshell now.
Zafari: Never man.
Rose: Not really, it's such a serious complex thing. I'm very close to who is suffering right now. I give you a hug.
Fabriano: I'm satisfied with life, so no.

15. What about anxiety?
Natasha: Well, anxiety has been a friend of mine in the past. Let's put it that way.
David: When I was young, wow, it killed me. But today I'm a free, thinking man and so NO.
Zafari: Nope. Neither. I'm ok. I'm cool.
Rose: Yes, it happens at times. It is ok I think? Sometimes it's ok to feel a little uncertain...
Fabriano: I'm always confident with what I do. I calculate it all to bits. So, no.

16. What do you do when no one else is around?
Natasha: I'm never gonna tell you, must be a reason if I do it with nobody around?
David: Ohhh, who knows... Who knows, but let's talk about you. Maybe we do the same thing... Let's see if we have anything in common, alright? I will just tell you one thing to start it off. I walk around NAKED.
Zafari: I caress the bird I have while watching some private form of drama. You know what I mean.
Rose: I sing at the top of my lungs and dance!! I do that!
Fabriano: I plan things, few people can know what are my plans for the future in business.

17. If you could only eat one thing for the rest of your life, what would it be?
Natasha: Pasta, please. Give me pasta.
David: Bananas with chocolate! Oh yes.
Zafari: Pizza man!
Rose: Cakes! I'm sorry!
Fabriano: Food supplements?

18. Have you ever intentionally hurt yourself?
Natasha: No, why should I? Never.
David: No, but unintentionally it happens ALL THE TIME. I'm a bull in a China shop, yeah. But it's my power being so uncontrollable. It can't be helped.
Zafari: Well maybe fixing stuff at home that required me to do so. I don't remember man.
Rose: Oh no, never!
Fabriano: Again, I wouldn't ever do such thing.

19. If you had to choose only one, would pick a dog or a cat?
Natasha: Dog! Definately.
David: Dogs, I have a dog at my family home.
Zafari: Dog man. I love dogs.
Rose: Aww, I love them both.... I can't choose ugh! Cats maybe?
Fabriano: Dogs. That's it.

20.Has anyone ever died in front of you?
Natasha: Oh my God, no. That's be terrible.
David: No, I hope this never happens! Wow.
Zafari: Never man, that's awful.
Rose: Yes, actually my mother died when I was very young at the age of 12. It was something that... I will never forget... The last time I'd seen her. I'm sorry, it just makes me too emotional to-, to even talk about it.
Fabriano: No, never.

21. Do you believe in aliens?
Natasha: Yeah, the universe is infinite.
David: Of course! And I hope they are sexy as well. Hii aliens friends, come meet me sometime.
Zafari: Yes, my friends are aliens.
Rose: I do! I believe we are not alone!
Fabriano: Yeah, but I hope they don't mess with my stuff when they come around.

22. Do you know anyone that’s committed suicide?
Natasha: Yes, sadly. I wasn't very close to this person but it's still bad.
David: Not really, it would have made me feel guilty.
Zafari: No man, I couldn't cope with that.
Rose: No... That would be horrible. Thank God, no.
Fabriano: No. Nobody.

23. Do you think there’s a purpose to life?
Natasha: Of course, we're here for a reason, but if I knew I'd told you.
David: We are! But it would take a book to talk about it.
Zafari: Yeah, we're made to eat pizza and watch a movies.
Rose: I believe so. We will never know maybe, but definately there is a reason.
Fabriano: To strive for the better maybe?

24. How do you feel about atheism?
Natasha: I think it has some sense on some points, but it's a matter of perspective, really.
David: I had been atheist in the past, things made me change my mind in the end, when I couldn't enter a church without feeling guilty for finding pleasure in other men, but then I realised God doesn't look at you differently if you like a sausage or a kiwi, if you like it blonde or brunette, if you like them hairy or not. He just created you like this.
Zafari: It's a religion. Is that ok?
Rose: I think everyone is entitled ot their opinion, it's ok for me. But I'm sorry, I personally believe in God. I'm very religious.
Fabriano: They can do what they want, who cares.

25. Have you ever stolen money?
Natasha: I said I'm always honest so yes. Once from my mum's pocket, but I was 8 years old! Bless me.
David: NO, I work for that!
Zafari: Maybe playin' some poker with friends, I could have. Whooo knows.
Rose: Oh no no! That's sooo bad!
Fabriano: That only hurts your career and business.

26. Have you ever cursed out your parents?
Natasha: I grew up doing that.
David: I may have sometime! I'm not easy to handle at times, I recognise that and I like to have a free temper and attitude so my parents had to deal with it. Also, when I didn't feel accepted... that doesn't help.
Zafari: It's the norm, man. But they know me, so we be cool. I joke with them anyway, not too serious.
Rose: Oh no no, I find it so important to respect my dad and my mum, when she was alive. I love them too much!
Fabriano: It could have happened.

27. How many funerals have you been to?
Natasha: I don't really count that...?
David: I think 4? I should count it... Wait... 1... 2 with my grandpa... then my friend's mom 3... then 4... Ok. It's 6.
Zafari: 2 or 3 maybe, I don't remember well. Still, bad stuff.
Rose: A few, but there is that one I've told you about that will always stick in my mind. Sadly... forever.
Fabriano: Just 3.

28. What are your thoughts on abortion?
Natasha: Ok everyone can have their opinion on that, but I possibly believe a woman should have the right to choose. That's it.
David: Just give a woman her right! I'm against it once it's too late but as much as it could be bad, not every woman could be feeling ok and ready for it.
Zafari: It's a choice, that's what I believe.
Rose: I am not against it, I believe some women go through things that... I mean, we cannot even imagine. They should have their absolute right!
Fabriano: I'm not against that. Definately not.

29. What's the worst you've ever been physically hurt?
Natasha: I think my stomach for a disease I had.
David: I think... my teeth! I removed some wisdom teeth and WOW, never again! Ever ever.
Zafari: My baby underneath. He suffered. A LOT.
Rose: Ohh, it's definately my hand for a surgery I had to go through after hurting it in my front door! Ouch!
Fabriano: My knee, when I got surgery.

30. Have you ever told someone you loved them, even though it was a lie?
Natasha: Yeah, it can happen, you know?
David: Well, maybe it happened when I was very naive and immature with my first experience. But I really thought I was in love and met this guy, I was like 18, I had just come out. Now like 6 years later I realise that I was in love with something else...
Zafari: Yes, I love you.
Rose: At one point, maybe it happened? Maybe when you hurt and are too blind to realise that you are not in love? I don't know if that makes sense!
Fabriano: No, I don't need to. Simply.

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Thank you BrownSugar for writing up these questions for me and to everyone who sent in questions!! <3

Hello! I believe I have the pleasure of speaking to the boys of PRÓXIMO, am I right?
Luis: Yeooooo
Evan: Yeah, it's us!
Diego: Hey ThatMusicSite
Diego: Hi! *smiles*
Carlos: Hola

And are you all accounted for? Nobody has been fired by email, have they? Oh no, sorry, that's another boy band. How are you all?!

Luis No we don't roll like that... nah. We here!

It feels like 2020 and hopefully 2021 are the years of everything coming together. Isabel, Stephanie Fierce and Vanity all released new albums. Radio Vine had dropped her album. Lincoln and Mandy are finally making moves too. You guys are also part of this comeback squad. So, tell me, why are we only NOW getting the album? What happened after your first single, "Day Dreaming"?
*The boys all look at each other, each waiting to see who would take on the question*

Diego For a while we really were just caught up in legal troubles.
Evan Yeah, and we know just how messy that can be. I feel like we never got to speak about it publicly but I feel like it's 2021...our fans kind of deserve an explanation.
Diego: When we first did the Big Search we were signed to management company already. We won which really just changed all of ours lives and we were ready...we were signed to FivePeskyKids and you know.... creative differences with our former management caused the whole to kind of just blow up.
Luis: Remember? We couldn't even release music after "Daydreaming". It was messed up.
Evan:I think we ALL are trying to forget... but look at us now.. we were lucky enough to get new management and get back to the music.
Derek: How Payton say it? La Familia in dis b*tch!

Are you sure Billy Khan hasn't been trying to stifle you behind the scenes? It's OK, you can tell me. Awful lot of boy bands have mysteriously vanished over the years...

Derek No no.. Billy nice guy. You know..the way people say about him is not all true....you know? Nice guy.
Evan: Listen, I ain't gonna lie..he's no angel but he never tried to fuck us over and he's always up for a good time.
Diego You would know right?


*The boys all collectively laugh*
Evan: No like partying and all that... the devil's playground???
Luis We've known Billy for wild long. He ain't the type to go for you unless you try and go at him first. Nun but respect ovab here.

Well, regardless of the reasons for the extended break, it almost seems like it didn't even matter as you returned with even more fanfare than you had back in the day! That's extremely rare for a relatively small act. Unless you're of the calibre of Nadia Berry or Isabel, you can't really go away for long and expect a successful comeback. Yet, somehow, you catapulted straight to the top of the charts with "I Wanna". How did that feel?

Carlos: Uh..like...how you say...Fue una locura no lo esperábamos? *Looks at the others*
Diego: He's saying like, it was was crazy, we didn't expect it
*All the boys nod in agreeance
Carlos: Yes no expected for us
Luis: Yeah that was really wild. We were like yo...what!!
Derek: Feel very, very good. I could not believe.
Evan: It really felt like we were back after so long. It was a lot of planning to come back the right way with my brothers. We didn't want to fail so we just made sure it was at the right time and a song that we felt strongly about.

And of course, we can't talk about "I Wanna" without mentioning the viral dance craze. Did you expect it to spread as fast and wide as it did?

Diego: That's when everything really changed over night. We didn't know it would become a dance challenge, ever. I know people probably think "ahh..they knew already" but I'm saying it here
Diego: *Laughs* Seriously that was not planned
Evan: That's why it's shoutout to Gemma Kane and then Naomi. Beautiful women. They did the dance challenge and it was like boom..everywhere
Luis: I remember when it all happened and my lil sis was like "luis the bands song is is trending like everywhere!"
Derek: We all was very happy, showing, showing video everyone doing dance everywhere
Carlos: We.. we thankful for all of love... dances ..thankful we say in colombia es una bendición de dios
Luis: God's blessing
Carlos: Sí sí

It's a banger of a song. One of our favourites of the year at ThatMusicSite. How did the track come to be?

Evan: We had I Wanna for a really, really long time actually.
Luis: A long time. ya'll don't know this.
Diego: It started out as just a track we wrote and then we felt the chorus could really benefit from someone like Christopher Hudson coming in and co writing with us. He makes really good hooks. Many of our favorite songs were penned by Christopher Hudson so we wanted to work with him on our comeback.

Ah, Christopher Hudson! What a writer and what a firecracker of a guy. What was it like working with him? Through personal experience, I know he can be a very intense person.

Luis: Nah Christopher is chill. He's just about his business.
Diego: I don't really know Christopher personally aside from us doing music with him and he's a really good writer and he's helped us make I Wanna an even better song than it was.

There's no good way to segue into this next question. It's very random but it's fitting as the whole topic is a bit random to me. You guys popped up in The Simpsons last month. Not something I had ever envisioned for you boys. How did that all come about?

Evan: FOX actually got in contact with our management and wanted to team up for something. I was down right away. Carlos was the only one who was nervous but winded up sounding the best on the voice over.
*All boys pin their eyes on Carlos*

Carlos: Escuchar mi propia voz en la televisión se sentía tan vergonzoso! I very shy.
Derek: He's like scared..
Diego: He's saying like, hearing himself on television felt scary. For me, I felt like it was definitely something new for all of us but the experience was really interesting and fun.
Luis: Yeah, and we got to have a say in how our characters looked and what they wore for the episode. It was dope! I felt like a producer.
Derek: We all saw our as like an-animation! Crazy!
Evan: If you haven't seen the episode, check it out.

That was one big television event for you but it's totally eclipsed by your appearance at the FCA. The first one in years. My goodness, what a night that was! I was lucky enough to be there as part of a PR list. Definitely an iconic moment for us music fans but as artists, you must feel that buzz tenfold. What was that like for you guys?

Luis: FCA's was a viiiiibe.
Evan: Definitely one of the biggest nights for the group.
Derek: When I get on stage felt like not real is our first time at FCA
Carlos: Sí, sí first!
Diego: And we all were jumping up and down together backstage to get pumped up and it was even better cause we had our I Wanna Dance Challenge Winners with us too
Evan: Felt like really a big moment that we could all share together after the hard work.


The next FCA show is already being teased and you guys have dropped a cheeky new single just in time. "Light It Up", not to be confused with Lincoln's "Light Me Up", is out now! Tell me a little bit about it. Spill the tea as the young ones say.

Evan: Got plenty of tea to spill. I'm pretty sure it was Carlos's idea to make a song called Enciéndelo...Light It Up right? Before we started writing?
Carlos: Sí, quería que hicieramos una canción que fuera enérgica con un estilo de fiesta like make feel happy song dancehall...latino musica
Diego: I think that's what I love most about the Light It Up, it's has this energy to it that you just can't escape.
Luis: It's about having that vibe...lighting up that chemistry with someone else that you just don't want to stop.
Evan: Now that amigo, was perfectly said. *boys laugh as Eric does drop mic motion*
Derek: Yeah also Anaisz she really make song even better too

Anaisz! Now there's another name I didn't expect to hear in 2021. She gave us a wonderful EP then dropped off the face of the Earth. Glad to hear that she's back. What was it like working with the elusive songstress?

*All the PROXIMO boys look toward Diego*
Diego: We've never really collaborated much and we felt like it would be nice to something different. Payton suggested Anaisz since they already were doing music with her. We contacted her and she was interested in working together too. We met up with her and everything at the studio and laid down the chorus and her verse like it was nothing. She's really talented and beautiful.
Luis: She got in the studio and got her parts done in no time. Anaisz is really no joke. Her voice skates on the beat with ours!
Carlos: Te amamos anaisz.
Derek: Si, we love you Anaisz

It's great that she's managed to crack her way back into the business. Speaking of cracks, your latest Instagram post. Definitely raised a few eyebrows and some other things across the internet. It's very odd that this is my very first time speaking to you yet I know what all of your bare bums look like. We live in strange times. What was all that about, boys?

Evan: What's wrong with showing alittle bum? You know?
Luis: We was just taking part in the spoons challenge *laughs* who's idea was that?
Diego: The fans at home watching can probably guess that one
*All the boys look at Evan*
Carlos: Evan! *laughs*
Evan: Proudly...Derek's got the best bum but I'm a close second.
*Derek laughs uncomfortably, blushing*

And not even an hour prior, Chicago Nobody gave us a glimpse of his babymakers. Is that something you'll consider doing if the new music isn't selling too well?

Luis: Nah I'm good...
Evan: If only adults followed our accounts I'd probably try to get the us to all do it hahaha
Carlos: Loca!
Derek: This guy...estos chicos locos...
Luis: You're wild
Diego: Next question...please? *laughs*

At least it didn't turn into a nudity competition. He complimented your buns. Lets hope the forthcoming album gets even more attention and lovely compliments! What can you tell me about this long-awaited album?

Derek: We in studio a lot to finish album. We ..we working very hard to finish.
Carlos: Teníamos otros trabajos que hacer antes de terminar like we have other stuffs we do. simpson .. superbowl...FCA so album take..take...alil..longer but almost finish
Evan: It's like 90% percent done. We cut a track just yesterday. Out here working!
Diego: Yup, we cut a track yesterday too and we have to finish maybe two other songs. It's gonna be worth it. The album is really an experience and like Carlos was saying... "Revamped" has taken a bit longer to finish since we had so many other
Evan: The best part is that we found our sound and the album just sounds so fresh, full of energy.
Luis: It has this whole vibe you can get lost in.
Evan: Especially with this whole pandemic going on, I feel Revampled will be a nice escape when you listen.

It was announced that you'll be appearing in the Doritos commercial that will air during the Superbowl! This is a huge for you boys. First, how did it come about, and how does it feel to be appearing on a commercial during football's biggest night?

Diego:[/b] Doritos reached out to us to work together since they really loved the I Wanna Dance Challenge and the sound of Light It Up. They had a really cool vision for a commercial. I'm freaking out alittle cause it's like the biggest thing that we've done since the Big Search. It's a big night, everyone's gonna be watching.

Evan: It's gonna be so chill to sit back, eat some wings and watch the whole show and our commercial. Fucking hyped.
Derek: It's dream come true. I never really think we have such big thing happening. just grateful for it all to share with my brothers
Carlos: Si, very, very..Emocionado!
Derek: He saying like.. very..very excited
Carlos: Si
Luis: And the Halftime show featuring Stephanie Fierce is gonna be happening all on that night too so the night is lit. Make sure you guys watch the game from the start.

2021 is looking bright already! Do you have any other plans for the year besides dropping "Revamped"?

Evan: You know us, we're always doing something. I think right now the main focus is just getting the album out, releasing more music.
Diego: Yeah we definitely plan on releasing more music from our album and releasing the album like said.
Luis: We got a few other things on the side as well that we can't really say just...just yet...
Derek: Going to FCA too!
Carlos: Si, make best year.

Before we get into the fan questions, is there anything you want to say to the fans who'll be reading this on the website?

Luis: I gotta say that ya'll are dope, our fans... we see how ya'll riding for us. We love you. Keep riding with us, we just gettin' started.
Diego: Yeah, our fans are the best. We can't thank you enough for the continuous support and love.
Carlos: A todos los seguidores de PROXIMO, los amamos. *smiles*
Derek: Gracis..thank you for everything. *Blows cute little kiss to the camera*
Evan: What they said. Our fans know how much we love them, they are dedicated as fuck. And we dedicated to you.

Now it's time for some fan questions. These questions were submitted from all over the world! Ready?!

Diego: Alright lets do it...
Evan: Hahah, born ready for this
Derek: *Nods and smiles* I really excited for this part. *smiles*
Carlos: oh haha...Espero que no haya groseros (I hope there are no rude ones)
Luis: Ready.

IWannaDie asks "What the people really wanna know is are yall single and if so what are yalls ideal types?? #ASKPROXIMO"

Evan: I'm single and ready for some fun. Right in time for valentines day *laughs*. My ideal type is someone who isn't afraid to be wild and have a crazy night together. If you're shy, that's fine. Everyone's got a wild side.
Derek: My type...Someone who respectful and like.....understanding person but like to..have fun too.
Luis: My ideal type is a ride or die. Someone who gon' be down with me through it all.
Diego: Yeah like Luis said. I like a ride or die. I'm a relationship type of guy.
Carlos: Soy como alguien con buena personalidad y buen corazon
Evan: Someone with a warm heart and a good personality
Carlos: Si.

Atomic_Erich asks "would you enter a death match with weekend and the zone? #ASKPROMIMO"

Luis: That's a surprise! Erich Hess dropped in on a question? Who would've ever thought he'd drop us a question. Erich. YOU DA GOAT. As for the death match. How much we getting paid? I'd feel bad beating the same guys who run the label we're at.
Evan: Luis, don't get your hopes up. I have a feeling Erich is definitely just trolling us. BUT...We might be pretty boys but we'd win that
Diego: I was gonna say I'm against violence but if the guys jump in then I have too.
Evan: Isn't the Zone outnumbered. They got 4 members right?

BOYSANDPROXIMO asks "What was your favorite I Wanna Dance Challenge Dance?"

Derek: Ahh that's big question... I like Lincoln video. Suzie cool too!
Luis: Erica Hess and Ryan Ross Hernandez had me on the floor laughing wit they videos. But imma go with Stephanie Ortiz, she was pregnant and did it the challenge! Respect right there!
Diego: I gotta say our boy Payton
Evan: Imma go with the originators Gemma and Naomi and Karoliena was damn hot in her video
Carlos: Si, Gemma.


FiringMahLAZER asks "who is the purest and who is the bad influence #ASKPROMIMO"

Luis: Evan definitely the bad influence
*Everyone pins eyes on Evan and he laughs and hunches*
Evan: Of course....
Diego: Purest? Probably Carlos or myself.
Evan: Yeah right....
*The boys all laughs in unison*

AproxProximo asks "Any artists you guys want to work with?? #ASKPROXIMO"

Carlos: Kato and Mandy Williams
Diego: Would be nice to get Payton on something with us
Luis: I'm with all of those too. I was gonna also say Payton. I feel like that would be dope. Deneil too
Derek: Public Warning...Isabel would be dream come true
Evan: Slim Money and PROXIMO. Come on that would be it.

TikaBKilla asks "What is your favorite colors #ASKPROMIMO"

Derek: Blue
Carlos: Red
Evan: Teal
Diego: Like a sky...light blue
Luis: Green

iCandyDopeDope asks "What is your favorite songs right now #ASKPROMIMO"

Luis: I'm really feeling We Bring Em Up by Orion and Young Hood's new song.
Carlos: Truce by Mandy Williams... i like. oh... Surprise! by Joshua Grimmie
Diego: Funhouse by Radio Vine has been on repeat.
Derek: I like Tika May new song it's nice song.
Evan: Damn this is a hard question. I've been working out to How Bout Dat by Payton and Andrea so imma go with that.


Evan: THE ALBUM COMING. *laughs*
Derek: Yes we promise to you!

TikaBKilla says "So I have question for you guys: who do you have a crush on someone & why #PROXIMOxThatMusicSite"

Diego: I do have a crush. This person is beautiful and has a good heart. I mean, I guess I have a crush on this someone because they make me feel good.
Evan: Haha...wonder who it is huh? I don't really have a crush but there's a bunch of good looking people out there. Hit my line.

TikaisBaddestChick: asks "How do you like to be comforted when you’re sad or upset? #PROXIMOxThatMusicSite"

Diego: When I'm sad or upset listening to music comforts me. Talking to the boys about it too.
Luis: Yeah. I'm with that. We're brothers for real... I think they're the first people I talk to when I'm upset. Unless they get me tight. *laughs*
Evan: Take a nice shot and forget about it? Just playing, but like Luis said we'd be lying if we sat here and said we get along all the time. That's a big lie. We have our moments and fights but it's important that we respect eachothers space and all that. When I'm upset hitting the gym to blow off the steam is where I go.
Derek: I like to....write music when sad or upset so get feeling out to song that we record. Also sleeping...sleep make me feel good after.
Carlos: Talking to la familia...

iCandyDopeDope What is your biggest fear? What motivates you to work hard? #PROXIMOxThatMusicSite

Carlos: Ahogando hahaha mi familia y el grupo me motiva.. make me work harder
Diego: Drowning... his family motivates him to work hard. I agree. I just feel like the rush of being an artist in a group. I'm living my dream. That's what motivates me. The group collectively as well.
Evan: I don't think I have a biggest fear but drowning is brutal. yeah.. the group motives me. We're all in a group I think we kind of motivate eachother.
Luis: On the truth!
Derek: Yes...PROXIMO motivates me.

piixiedust asks "WHAT ARE YOUR MBTI TYPES??? #PROXIMOxThatMusicSite"

Carlos: ¿Qué?
Evan: Yeah...what? I don't know what that is either.
*All laugh nervously as none of them know what a MBTI type is*

NotShyNotMe asks "What are your goals for 2021 that each of you have set or want to accomplish?? #PROXIMOxThatMusicSite"

Luis: Straight up. I'd like for the group to release the album this year. That's my goal.
Derek: I want go traveling. Tour when we can ever..
Evan: Another number one would be a nice thing to accomplish. A tour too!
Carlos: yes touring for 2021!
Diego: Im with Luis, the goal for me us to release Revamped.

ConspirTheories asks "Do you believe Izzy is the true antichrist and the us government is helping to cover up by making republicans the scapegoats? #PROXIMOxThatMusicSite"
Evan: Shit...you never know! No but all joking aside *laughs* these conspiracy theory questions made it through? ThatMusicSite! *laughs*

[color=black]SexyStar010101: asks [color=black]"Which group or artists would like to have a dance battle with???? #PROXIMOxThatMusicSite"

Diego: Let's go Lincoln. You can dance, we can dance. Let's make it happen.
Derek: Dance battle ...with uh...Gemma
Evan: We're building a list... I gotta throw Zafari in there... .
Carlos: Naomi
Diego: There you have it. Lincoln, Gemma, Naomi, Zafari... we're challenging you to a dance battle.

Thank you, PRÓXIMO! Have a charming day, now!


"Light It Up" is available now

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K-Pop girl group Mi•Mi are never afraid to break a sweat! After releasing their motivating single Step It Up on all platforms,
it's only right that the girl group reveals to fans how they stay in shape. We got a chance to spend a day at the gym with all 4 girls
and each individual superstar gave us insight on exactly what completes their ideal workout routine.


DAENA: If you're going to take your workout seriously then the first thing you need is a workout schedule! The goal should be to exercise everyday and there are many ways to attack this. Personally, I go for a morning run everyday to wake my body up, do a focused workout routine for 15 minutes right ebfore lunch and then end the day with a little bit of yoga. Your schedule is totally up to you! Take the time out to decide what is the ideal schedule for your body and write it down to hold yourself accountable."


Mae: Sometimes it can be hard to stay focused and motivated while you workout. You know the perfect way around that? Music! I never go into a workout without my playlist ready! When you are going on long runs, I suggest going to your favorite streaming app and finding a Mi•Mi radio to play! That way, you wont have to focus too much on what song or artist is coming up next, let the K-Pop/R&B algorithm guide you so that you may enjoy your run. Every song should be groovy enough to get you through your daily mile! For a shorter workout, having the right songs playing at the right time is absolutely necessary! 15 minutes may not seem like a long time but it can feel faster or slower depending on the songs you have playing in the background. I got 5 Mi•Mi songs that are just PERFECT for when you need to break a quick sweat!

1. Mi•Mi - Step It Up (4:09)
2. Mi•Mi - Until I Feel It In the Floor (3:12)
3. Mi•Mi - Goin' Out (1:25)
4. Mi•Mi - Chairs (3:25)
5. Mi•Mi - NO EXCUSES (2:10)



Misu: Summer is right around the corner! You know what that means? It's time to get the perfect workout routine together for your swimsuit body! If you start working on it now, you wont have to worry about crunching in your fitness later. All you need is 10 mintues a day to tone up your muscles so that you can get them looing just right! 20 squats, 10 push ups, 10 reverse lunges, 15 crunches, 5 glute bridges and then plank for 30 seconds and viola!


Miki Lee: No workout is complete without special attention to the booty! You gotta keep it looking right and tight girls and the only way to do that is by spending 5 minutes every day scoping that booty into everything you want it to be! What is it gonna take? 10 MORE SQUATS, I'm sorry but squats are just so important, 5 more reverse lunges on each foot, 5 side lunges on each foot, 5 donkey kicks for each leg, and 5 more glute bridges but this time make sure you lift each leg up while your butt is in the air!

Well there you have it! The perfect 15 minute workout and all the components necessary to get you in shape!
Try the #90DayStepItUpChallenge and tell us if the girl group's recipe for the perfect summer body works for you!


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OOC: I love how original and detailed this is. What a nice idea!

Titans (Laurence, Jo, Martina, Den, Tanya)
Kegan Dawson - Actor, presenter, radio speaker, model, showman
Cj Frankson - Youtuber, Actor, model, showman
Rashai Mari - Model, Dj
Igor Stanovski - Russian tycoon, businessman
Claire Becker - Writer, vocal coach, presenter, radio speaker
Augusto Lincoln - Enterpreneur, model, manager
Lukas Paradiso - Model, Actor

The Jollies
Zafari Mari 👩🏾‍🦲, Rose Hemsworth 👩🏻‍🦰, David Hernandez 👱🏻, Natasha Stanovski 👧🏻, Fabriano Galore 👨🏻


Creating Sims content here on my YouTube channel! -----> https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7Tq0J8bDFMidZWlrFK0gtQ
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Originally Posted by: FiveT Go to Quoted Post
OOC: I love how original and detailed this is. What a nice idea!

OOC: thank you so much! I thought it up a while ago and finally got the chance to flesh it out so I'm glad the execution came out decently
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[Members from left to right: Leah Fernsby, Marianne Roberts, Tracy Davies]

Tracy Davies (20) & Marianne Roberts (19) both was born in London, England, they meet each other at same middle school & become friends after that, Tracy & Marianne has a dream of becoming next girl group & they met Nicola Bailey who was a original members of BabyCrush also before they named BabyCrush they originally name Rebel Chick which the girls was hoping to find & snatch the record deal but however plan felt short after Nicola thought long & hard if she want to be solo singer or be in girl band & she choose to leave a girl band with mutual to become a solo act so the girls went to scout & find another member to replace Nicola so they found Leah Fernsby (22) who was born in Dublin, Ireland they met her at Cafe while she was ordering her coffee & they ask her can she sing & she sing so the girls were really impress & they want her in the group. They were hoping that they can get notice by the record label people & they move to US to enter industry in America & they were discovered by Mr DJ Hurricane while they was scouting for record label deal so DJ hurricane was huge impress with the girls talent & he wanted to sign girls to his own record label called Ruff Round Records as the first act to be signed to his own label after they signed to Ruff Round Records. So they gearing up to release their first debut single from their debut album "To Know Her Is To Love Her in March 6 also their album are expected to release in summer 2021.

Hello Ladies

BabyCrush: Hi

how are you & how does it feel to be the first act to be signed to his own record label?

Marianne: Fine really it quite amazing for us to be signing to Mr DJ Hurricane his label Ruff Round Records & we're really happy about that actually so we really excited about what next plan store for us

Leah: Yeah i'm doing really well i mean we can't really give it away yet so for now all we can do is enjoy

Tracy: Same but for now we currently working on our music so we hope that people can enjoy it

So is BabyCrush was the original name for group or no?

Tracy: Well sadly no it wasn't our original name for group i mean we kinda stuck with the original name cause it wasn't our favorite name but we have to change it at the last minute when Mr DJ Hurricane wasn't liking the original name for group which we actually agree because the original name was horrible. So my ideal name was Fantastic 3.

Marianne: I mean our original name for band was called Rebel Chick it sounded like a shampoo market or dog food market which we didn't have no choice but to use it so thank god that Mr DJ Hurricane want it us to change it so my thought for name were La Rouge but thank goodness that Leah come up with the good name i mean i'm honestly felt grateful for this name.

Leah: I had to be honest i didn't like the group name Rebel Chick & i thought it was stupid name & out of nowhere i said how about BabyCrush & all of them just look at me if i say the wrong words but no all i heard were that amazing name *laugh* so yeah & he like the name so we actually love this name & we stuck with this official name forever hehe

What is your zodiac sign

Marianne: Taurus which my birthday was on April 23

Leah: Leo i was born like in August 7

Tracy: Capricorn my was on Jan 14

Got it. OK um Leah what make you join the BabyCrush?

Leah: Well i was in SourBabe with Claire from Trinity Love & Rina from iCandy & let just say that it didn't work out because we argue over song & Rina just blaming me for no reasons because all I said was it wasn't fair when you already did a song so that why we split up the band & we went our separate ways. So when i met the girls i was just ordering from coffee

BabyCrush *laugh*

Leah: Yeah & they ask me if they want to sit down on this table while i wait for coffee & they was talking about finding another members & they look at me & says *laugh* can you sing i'm like yeah so i sing for them & they really impress right away

So your debut album called "To Know Her Is To Love Her" so what is meaning behind the album?

Marianne: So what meaning behind it really is that basically we have an idea it like if you want to get to know us more then you gotta love her so actually we love the idea for our album so yeah we got on with it really


& You also have your debut single that is dropping this week. So how does it feel about hearing your single being release?

Tracy: We honestly excited because this is our debut single & we hoping that this single is gonna be either top 20 or top 10 or even better number 1

Leah: Yeah we can't even wait longer so hopefully our work is about to pay off soon so we're not there yet we just gettin started

So your single is called "What The Dealio" & wow it got some banging lyric & production. So can you please explain to readers more detail of this song?

Leah: Um so it's about how guys who don't understand so i was like what the dealio

Alright let's get into some good question. What artists are you influence & why?

Marianne: My would have to be is Layla, PROXIMO, Amy Meyer, Naomi, Trinity Love & Public Warning because I love them really

Leah: Okay um i'll say PROXIMO, The Jollies, Tisha Jackson, Sabrina, Coke, Slim Money & Weekend

Tracy: So my is Tika Mays, PROXIMO, Nick Urie, Chicago Nobody, Stephanie Ortiz & Madison

Marianne: *giggle* Wow look like we all love PROXIMO

BabyCrush *laugh uncontrollably*

Leah *laugh* yeah so we are the fan of PROXIMO cause when we listen to I Wanna for the first time we was just like amaze & we just wanna to continue listen to PROXIMO cause we're hoping that we can get their album & we honestly can't wait to see what next for PROXIMO!

What song do you want to sing at Karaoke Night?

Leah: Oooh this is tough cookie so i gonna go with "Viva La Vida" by Jollies & "Light It Up featring Anaísz" by PROXIMO

Marianne: Oh it's easy for me so i'll say "No Trouble In Paradise" by Layla

Tracy: I'll sing Tika Mays "My Baby"

Where can we expect from BabyCrush in 2021?

Marianne: We wanna tour around the world, being opening act for someone to start it out easy & get platinum plats

Tracy: Releasing the album & getting more fanbase

Leah: I'll say no more Covid-19 lockdown & hope for us is to have an successful career

Well thank you girls & we'll hope to see you soon!

BabyCrush: Thank you for having us ThatMusicSite!


BabyCrush debut single "What The Dealio" is expecting to release in March 5th on Friday so make sure you preorder or pre-save their music on streaming platform

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Murda Bling,
Cosmic Blue,
Camille Preston,
Chanel C. Fox,
Aubrey Cassidy,
Jacquelin Haygood,
Sophia Delaney,
Sally Parkwood,
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Diego Lopez,
Samantha Stevens,
Paige Wesley,
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The Forgotten Frontwoman: PANIC!'s Ashley Perry
For the first time ever, Perry opens up about her fractured relationship with Ryan Ross Hernandez, the band's 10-year hiatus, and what the future holds for the original saviors of pop-punk.


Before there was Riot! in the Boulevard, there was a band stylized in all caps and an exclamation mark called PANIC! who crashed into the music scene in 2005 with their mouthful 4x-platinum debut album titled "We Are the Directors of This Dramatic Love Story" and its bravado-laced Top 3 single "I Liked You Better Before You Became a Fucking MySpace Whore" which became a viral sensation in the early days of YouTube and social media. Their follow-up album "Nobody Puts Baby in the Corner" two years later cemented the group as darlings for the digital era. Both bands had a lot of similar parallels in their inception and stylistically. Before there was Riot's Amy Meyer, there was a singer two inches taller but with just as much spunk named Ashley Perry who became a poster child for angsty and misunderstood teenagers everywhere. "I lived vicariously through Amy Meyer for years," Perry admits laughing, stating that she kept a close eye on her and Riot! as they rose to fame shortly after PANIC! fizzled out in 2010. "I never attended a Riot! concert because it would have been too painful for me," she insists that it has nothing to do with any underlying jealously on her part given the heights of popularity Meyer has achieved. "I felt disillusioned with music for a very long time. After the last PANIC! show in 2011, I didn't attend a concert for like six or seven years. I still loved music but I didn't think it was meant for me."

The early origin of PANIC! is not your typical story of a band coming together organically in high school and staying friends forever. There was Perry, who signed her first record deal at the age of 16 after attracting attention in her local music scene playing mostly original material at bars and coffee shops. Columbia Records shifted their focus to find members who would best compliment her and the sound they were aiming for, envisioning her to work best in a band form. Gabe Hunter, multi-instrumentalist out of SoCal, and Nick Asher, a bassist from Chicago, joined Perry a few months later after an extensive search for the right musicians. The trio clicked almost immediately but Shawn Anderson, the President of Columbia Records at that time, felt the group was missing a spark that would draw people in. Insert Ryan Ross Hernandez. The singer-songwriter had released his second studio album "Dark Secret Love" in 2004 under the same label and was already establishing a name for himself as a pretty successful solo artist. In a meeting with Anderson, the guitarist shared that he wanted to take a new challenge on, specifically being in a band. Insert PANIC!.

We caught up with Perry a few weeks after the trio performed live for the first time in nearly a decade at the 8th Fan Choice Awards this past April. "I don't get recognized much these days and that's okay. I like my quiet little life." A lot of the lack of recognition might be because she looks completely different from the skinny jean wearing, bleached hair teenager the world got to know as she bounced around the stage like an Energizer Bunny. Now at 33 years old, she lets her natural jet-black hair flow freely and has traded her black clothing for a flowery summer dress and ankle-high boots. "If you change too much, it's perceived as fake and trying too hard. If you stay the same for too long, it's boring. Being a woman is already hard. Being a woman in the entertainment industry? Pfft. Good fucking luck to you. It's manic." She spends a lot of time thinking about outdated gender roles and the pressures of being a woman. The #MeToo movement that gained steam in 2017 resonated with her as a "call to action" for women everywhere to stand up and be vocal about abusive and sexist behavior, although she confidently says that she made it through her years in the spotlight "thankfully unscathed".

How have the years since PANIC! took an indefinite hiatus treated you?

The first few years were rough. When most people my age would be wrapping up college and figuring out the rest of their lives, I was unemployed. I had nothing to do. I had bouts of anger and depression. At some point though, you realize that somebody has it worse than you. It doesn't belittle your feelings but rather it helps you come to terms with things ending and the passing of time. I lived out my dream at a young age and not many people can say they ever played a sold-out concert at Madison Square Garden or toured across Europe. I did that and those memories will always be near and dear to me. Once you are removed from a certain thing for a while, you gain an appreciation for that time.

When you, Nick Asher, and Gabe Hunter sat down and said you were taking a break from the band, was there a timeline on when you all would regroup and make music again?

No. The only thing we knew for sure was that we needed to step away. Everybody wants to talk about the good years and between 2005 and most of 2008, we were on top of the world. At least that's how we felt. Nobody knows how low we all were through the last few years that we were attempting to survive as a band.

What do you mean by that?

We had a drastic fall from grace. We still had excitement when we were recording Broken Down on Memory Lane in 2009 but as soon as that record came out, the world kicked us to the mud. We were miserable promoting and touring that album because we felt like we gave it everything we had and nobody seemed to care. Not our fans, not our label, nobody. It was the three of us against the world at that moment in time.

Broken Down on Memory Lane failed to replicate the success the first two albums had and Columbia Records dropped you once touring ended for that record. How was that for you at such a young age?

I was a recording and touring artist at 17 years old and by 22 I was considered a has-been. How do you tell yourself that you're worthy and talented? How do you believe that when these loud voices are telling you that without the good looking charismatic guy, you're basically dead in the water? It's morally draining. That's the lowest I've ever felt in my entire life.

And the guy you're speaking of is Ryan Ross Hernandez.


I'll admit, I was expecting that you wouldn't want to talk about Ryan Ross Hernandez.

We're all adults here. We have had enough time and distance between everything to be able to talk about it. It's been 13 years since Ryan left the band and nearly 10 years since PANIC! has even existed, so you can no longer use any excuse to avoid it. You can't tell the story of PANIC! without Ryan Ross Hernandez. You can't tell my story without Ryan Ross Hernandez. It's all intertwined.

What was your initial reaction when you first met Hernandez?

When I first met him I think it was the typical reaction most have when they meet him. He's one of the greatest conversationalists in the world. When he speaks to you, he maintains eye contact the entire time. His charm is less tactical and more about having this natural trait to make you feel as the most important person when he's talking to you. That's why I was never surprised to see him go on to date all these gorgeous women over the years. He is as talented a musician as he is a charmer to the opposite sex.

How did you feel when Shawn Anderson approached you to tell you that Ryan was going to be a part of the band?

I was apprehensive about the idea of having him join the band. He was already an established figure and I was concerned that bringing him in was going to publicly hurt us in the long run because we were going to be viewed as some sort of side project to his solo career. Truthfully, that may have been the case for Ryan. For myself, Nick, and Hunter, this band was everything to us.

There's no denying that at the early stages having Hernandez involved was beneficial for the commercial success and popularity of the band, correct?

Absolutely. I don't necessarily think fans of his solo work in 2005 were rushing to hear us given that we were on the opposite end of what he was known for genre wise at that time. There was an air of curiosity from his fans who wanted to see what Ryan could do in both a band setting and in a style that was brand new to him. That earned us a nice springboard at the starting line. To his credit, he nailed it. There's a lot of narratives out there about this or that when it comes to the band and differences with Ryan, creatively it always worked.

How natural did that creative partnership with him come about? During his time with the band, you two wrote all of the lyrics together and he composed most of the music with Hunter.

The very first song we wrote was "MySpace Whore" and immediately we knew there was something there. When it came to writing with him, it was easy. He taught me a lot about opening up as a songwriter and what it meant to have that human factor in everything you write. If you've heard anyone say that Ryan is a chameleon in this industry, it's true. He has this uncanny, almost mad genius ability to play whatever he wants and do it well. He allowed each of us to bring our own talents and traits onto the table and he enhanced everything to be fuller in all aspects.

You and him wrote two highly successful albums together. Arguably, within a year of debuting, PANIC! was considered one of the biggest bands in the world. You were going on massive tours, playing festivals around the world, winning music awards in the US and internationally. For over 3 years you maintained that status pretty well. How surprised were you when you received the call in June 2008 from Ryan saying that he was leaving the band?

It was an email. There was no phone call. He sent a group email out to myself, Nick, Hunter, and Amber Lowell who was the band's manager. It was a paragraph long. I wasn't shocked that he left when he did. I was more hurt by how he handled it. It was cowardly. It was selfish. I thought we deserved to hear it from his own lips and not over a faceless email. We knew his time with the band was never going to be forever. His focus was always on his solo career and we understood that. He exited in the coldest way possible and it stung. Even worse than how he went about things, he cut all ties with us. It's as if we didn't even exist when he left.

Have you and Ryan had any conversations in person since then?

He was around a lot when we opened for GirlSpice in late 2011. At that time he was dating Nadia [Berry], so he stopped by several shows. We only interacted once for maybe five minutes. I won't go into details about the conversation we had then. I just needed that moment. I needed to see him face to face to get the closure I didn't get in 2008. We run in completely different circles now. The odds of running into him are slim these days.

Will PANIC! ever work or perform with Ryan in the future?

We will never work with Ryan again. There's no reason to sugarcoat that. We don't want fans to hold out hope that one day he'll join us on stage or we'll collaborate on a song. It's not happening. Sometimes too many bridges are burnt to be able to salvage a personal or professional relationship with someone. He chose his path and I respect that. Look at how well his career has gone. He doesn't need me. He doesn't need PANIC!.

If he were to reach out to you or PANIC! collectively, would you hear me out? Would you accept an apology if he were to do so today?

No. I can't speak for Nick and Hunter but I personally wouldn't. I believe people can change and judging from his actions in recent years, and this is just by someone who has as much knowledge of him these days as you or the fans do, he appears to have grown up. He had a lot of demons when I knew him and publicly he has had his troubles. I truly hope for his sake and happiness that he has found some peace in his life. I only say no because I don't need that apology anymore. Maybe if he would have done it shortly after everything and he had realized his mistake, I would have been more receptive to it. Now I'm a grown ass woman and I don't need that validation to find solace in the past.

It's never been confirmed but it was long rumored that when Ryan was still in the band you and him dated. Is there any truth to that?

Looking back at it now, I don't know if I would call it dating in the traditional sense. We began a physical relationship when I was 19 and it lasted for half a year or so. There was no grooming occurring when I was underage. He didn't gaslight me to not speak about the relationship we had. He didn't blackball from the industry. I want to emphasize that because I don't want this story to take a turn that isn't real. I was a consenting adult when we developed a sexual relationship. He played no part in the reason why I disappeared. All of those things were my choice. My issues with Ryan had nothing to do any of that.

How did it make you feel to see him help produce for Riot! in the Boulevard, develop a longstanding friendship with Amy Meyer, and constantly praise her work over the years? And in that same vein, recently Hernandez announced that he was doing an entire joint album with Ellie-Grace Summers and he called her "the most talented musician and singer-songwriter he has ever worked with." Does all of that feel like a slap in the face given the history you have with him professionally?

You know, everything with Amy, I'm sure I had some resentment seeing that when I was young because he left us high and dry. He said he didn't want to do pop-punk or rock music anymore then 2 years later he was working with Riot! on their debut album which was sort of in that same realm. It was shitty to see but you mature and you see things differently. Amy Meyer is a fantastic artist. Ellie-Grace Summer is a fantastic artist. Any grudge you may have buried deep down towards someone does not extend to the people they may associate or be friends with. That would just be childish. Ryan and I had a partnership that worked and when that ended, it doesn't discredit what we did together, it just means that it was time to move on from it. I have no interest in being bitter about something that happened 13 years ago. I'm happy for all the success he's had and that he's found his perfect collaborator in Ellie-Grace.

How was it performing at the Fan Choice Awards earlier this year? How did that opportunity come about?

It was incredible. We had so much fun on that stage performing for the first time in years. The organizers reached out to us inquiring if we would be interested in coming together and playing together. We all had a Zoom meeting to discuss it and for the first time in years it appeared that all of us were at a place where we were ready to dust everything off and play music again. That performance reminded us how much we love doing it.

During the hiatus, how often would the three of you be in touch?

It wasn't an every week or every month thing. We're friends and every time one of us went through a rough patch over the last decade, I think we knew we could reach out and count on each other. The three of us spent 5 years tied at the hip. Our lives changed during that time away, so it wasn't always easy to stay in contact. Nick has a wife and kids now, Hunter lives in LA and is a film composer. We all entered new phases in our lives.

What have you been up to in your own life?

At first nothing and that was okay. I was 22 when we went on hiatus. Between the ages of 16 and 21, my life was entirely write, record, and tour. I needed time to reset and figure out who I was. I didn't have a chance to do that earlier because my life was always on the move. I ended up traveling by myself for two years, completely alone and removed from everything. It was lovely. I returned to the states and moved back to Austin to be closer to my parents. Down there, with their help and a few old friends, I opened a record shop in 2015 that started out pretty small but has expanded over the years. Now we have a beer garden in the back and a music venue on the second floor. It's been a passion project of mine, so I'm happy to see it grow and become a hub for my community.

Did you try to write songs during your time away from the public eye?

Of course. It came naturally. I can't turn off that part of my brain. I always get ideas. I have thousands of little lyrics on my phone and voice memos of melodies that come to mind. It took me a long time to accept that creating music is something I will always do whether I'm actively in this industry or not.

Is PANIC! a band again?

Yes. PANIC! is once again a band.

Have you all started working on new music since reconnecting?

We have. It's coming along slowly. We're meeting in the studio every few weeks to work on ideas. We don't want to force anything or burn ourselves out. We have a few songs that are ready to go and right now we are working out what we want to do next.

Are there plans for a new full-length album and tour?

If we didn't think that was possible, we wouldn't be doing any of this. We wouldn't have performed at the FCAs if it was only going to be a nostalgic kick for us. We as a band never got the proper ending we wanted. I think we all feel that way.

Let's say PANIC! releases a final album, does one last tour, and you get that ending you speak of. Does Ashley Perry go solo and continue her story independently? We've seen Amy Meyer have a very successful solo career after Riot! in the Boulevard.

I don't know. Right now I'm focused on making music with Nick and Hunter. I'm having fun again playing music which is a huge deal for me because I thought I'd lost that forever when my entire world came crashing down. I don't know what the future holds for PANIC! or for myself but I will take whatever comes in stride. It's freeing to have reached a point where there are no expectations because everyone wrote you off long ago. It's like we're working on a debut album all over again. The slate is clean.

Will we see the band signed to a major record label again in the future given how sour your last experience with a label ended?

We haven't discussed those details yet. The goal for us right now is to make music. How we decide to release that music and commercialize it, that all will come later on.

Is there a chip on your shoulder to prove people wrong given how the band was counted out after Hernandez left and the chain of events that brought upon yourself?

We had that in 2009 when we released the first album without him and it failed. We can blame fair-weather fans, or the record label, or a hundred other things. At the end of the day, we could have made a better album. We could have done things differently to breakaway from the image we had when Ryan was a part of the band. We could have taken a break when we needed it instead of waiting until we were running on empty to do so. We failed and we had to grow to accept that. If there are fans who still support us through all of it, that's awesome. We can't wait to put out new music for you. If there are people who think we were shit without Ryan and we will never come out of from under his shadow, that's your opinion. I'm not going to lose sleep over that. This next chapter of PANIC! is not about the past or writing any redemption story. It's about finding out what PANIC! sounds like in 2021 and introducing that to a new music audience.

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Ryan Ross Hernandez

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Erich: I'm uncomfortable with the amount this woman resembles one of my exes. At least in this this picture.

Erica_Rox: panic must have been when I still was slinking around Osaka. I just can't see Ryan Ross hernandez in a pop punk band. It seems beneath him. Hell, that shit is beneath me. Sorry,as a 77 style punk rocker,I'm legally bound to hate pop punk. That being said,I really want to see a panic show. even sans rrh. It might be better for me. I can't see him singing whiny songs about girls.
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PANIC! on 10/06/2021(UTC)
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Ashford: I believe everybody deserves to speak their truth and tell their side of the story and I firmly believe this is a great piece by a very level headed music artist. It's very difficult to put anger and bitterness aside but it certainly appears from this interview that time has allowed Ashley to be able to do this and move forward. There may be no real relationship between herself and Ryan anymore but that's not a spectacular headline like I'm sure it'll get played out as in the media, it's just a normal part of life, two very different people living very separate lives.

I would say that how Ashley was seemingly pushed aside and made to feel unwanted by her record label as a solo artist is an absolute travesty knowing the creative mind that she's shown in her work throughout the years. She's inspired so many of those that have came after her and very much deserves the props for that and just seeing how she speaks on certain topics she has so much to offer in terms of progression within the industry, wisdom and advice. Any young female artist trying to navigate this industry should be reading this interview, it's absolutely an eye-opener to the industry and although it may have changed slightly since those late 00's and early 10's, it's still very relevant.

On another note, the idea of discovering what a PANIC! record sounds like in 2021 fills me with absolute joy and excitement. And beyond that, seeing a name like Ashley Perry's in the industry once more is only good news as far as I'm concerned.
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PANIC! on 11/06/2021(UTC)
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Length: 6:16

Hello everyone. So I’m going live to let you fans or whatever to hear the truth about Radio Vine as I called her by her real name Destiny. Me and Destiny started dating in 2010, I was really interested in who she was. I knew what she battled with mentally and I know what that may come up.. never thought that I will discover the true insecure troubling women she is. I’m not here trying to bash her, I’m here to speak my truth whether you like or not. You can sit here and judge me or just listen to this information I’m giving you. It’s your choice. The relationship turned very toxic in the years we were together, during the time she was on the Good Mourning Tour with Vanity... which by the way, they only gave her that supporting act deal because they were scared of the bitch. She threaten to make their lives hell if she didn’t get that deal... she felt as if she deserved that spot. I mean, if she wasn’t such a cornball.. then yeah, I would of agreed.

But she’s a different kind of girl.. anyway, during that tour and hopefully people that worked on the tour will back me up knowing that her manic episodes were out of control. She became very difficult to work with, I give it to the whore that she completed the tour and she gave a show, but behind the scenes- it was hell. It was many nights I had to step in and calm her down, I think at that pint that’s where the physical abuse started. It was hard to control her.. a uncaged animal. I know that on stage and that other shit she seems okay... sweet and witty as she is.. but she comes with this dark presence about her that is scary and overwhelming. I’m not here saying I’m the good guy because I’ve done a lot shit to her but what the fuck I don’t like is that everyone around the world saw me as this abuser.. when it was most of the time the other way around. I tolerated the bitch. I’m pissed! She’s someone who I loved.

I want you, Destiny... to tell everyone what you did. Oh everyone loves Radio.. everyone shows her empathy about her mental illness but tell everyone what you did that made things worst.. did you tell them that I caught you with my best friend in 2015, in our fucking bed. I tolerated you other that. Yes I wanted you to suffer because after all these years, I’ve never cheated on you. Never. So fuck off. You wanna act like the victim, we both had scars and battle wounds from each other. You’re cold hearted when it comes to pain.. it’s just who you are.

So the ‘miscarriage ’ she had on her documentary.. man, it was my best friends... that’s the reason we don’t talk until this day. Because of that whore. So when you wanna come out trying to be someone you not, come back to this video and know I know your deepest darkest secrets.. and the moment you wanna try to play me, I’ll destroy you. You took my life. My life will never be the same because of this relationship... I want you to be happy but I know you’re miserable..

But I got some money to make.. and I actually have a career I’m not begging behind the scenes to be apart of.. see ya.

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erich hess on 11/06/2021(UTC), Welat65 on 11/06/2021(UTC), 2001clay on 11/06/2021(UTC)
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erica: this guy is going to blame radio for his best friend fucking her? um....thats a pretty terrible friend,man. you may want to talk to him. isnt it bros before hoes? i've done my share of cheating,but it wasnt with my lover's friend. there is no innocent party here,but the friend seems to skate by pretty unharmed.

nina: typical,love. blame the woman for your friend being sneaky. could have easily said, "no. i will not do this to my friend." but nope. he plowed that like a potato field. right in your own house too.
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